Cold Process Soap Making

24 Feb 2024

Upper Marketplace, L2.- ASHTA District 8


A comprehensive introduction to the knowledge and techniques involved in creating handmade cold process soap. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the science behind soap making, including the chemical reactions that occur when combining oils and lye. Through hands-on practice, they gained practical skills in measuring, mixing, and molding the soap, as well as exploring various techniques for creating unique designs. The workshop offered valuable insights into ingredient selection, fragrance blending, and color customization, empowering participants to create their own personalized and luxurious bars of soap.

Organizer: Oentukmu


Location & Schedule

Start date: 24 Feb 2024

End date: 24 Feb 2024

Time schedule: 2 PM - 5 PM.

Location: Upper Marketplace, L2.

Pricing Information

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