Kyō Coffee


Floor: UG

Unit: ISL-08

If you have trouble finding it, you can ask our Concierge, Security, or Staff that you can find all over the Mall.

Derived from a Japanese word, Kyō means “today.” For us, coffee is one of the constant that we consume everyday that marks the beginning of our day. It is also a little ritual where we want to focus on the importance of it. With that in mind, we want Kyō Coffee to be a space where one can let go for a moment and cherish their day, while enjoying the most delicious coffee made by the best people.

With the scent of our freshly brewed coffee and baked pastry along with the warm service Kyō Coffee is known for, we aim to create a space that evoke the sense of comfort of one’s home. A space where one can take a breather before, after, or in-between their busy routine. Taking further from what we have done in our first shop, we want to implement a lived-in decor and a mix of unexpected natural materials in a raw structure, in which we feel will bring warmth to the heart of Jakarta’s commerce that is ASHTA.

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