Soulful Souq

15 Apr 2022 to 08 May 2022

Participating Tenants:

– Bali Direct
– Bin House
– Camani
– Dream Dates
– Eucalie
– Good Get Home
– Harper & Cordon
– Outerbloom

Through the KAPAS exhibition, Sukkha Citta invites us to trace the origin of our clothes. From #FarmToCloset, each thread weaves back our connection with the women who grew and made our clothes together with Mother Earth.

Unravel the process, cost, and impact behind every garment. And meet the groundbreaking climate solution right under our feet.

Together with Art Moments Jakarta and Indonesian NFT, we’re presenting Islamic NFT, celebrating Islamic moments to support art that is meaningful and closely related to Muslim culture that can be explored by young artists.