From: 18 Jan 2024
to: 11 Feb 2024

Embark on the journey of the new year with Optimistic – a collaboration that merges the beauty of art and the thrill of sport ✨

As the new year begins, pedal through with optimism, knowing that every ride unfolds fresh opportunities. Join us for the celebration of

18 Jan – 11 Feb 2024


    Melting Pot, GF

    A special series of screen-printed installations transformed an artistic optimism spirit & the bicycle trend manifested through distinct poster designs.

    Only 10 pieces are available for each design showcased in this exhibition. Catalogue: Click Here

    Program Schedule:

    • Live Screenprint & Workshop | Every Saturday & Sunday
      13:00 – 19:00
      with Sekolah Sablon Indonesia & Stencil Linocut  by Proyek Okupasi


    • Launching Event | Thursday, 18 January
      19:00 – 19:30
      Opening (Press con + Video Launching) & talks with Gowezine / VeloPoster team, Sir Dandy & Sanchia (Artist), and Darwin (Artisan)
      Moderated by Arie Dagienkz
      DJ Performance by Ginger Ale and Farhan Ali from RRO


    • Cycling & Creative Industry | Saturday, 20 January
      15:00 – 18:00
      Talks with Faisal (Mujiono CC), Mamad & Ottid (House of The Rising Sun), Onik (Kick Your Butt Project), and Marcel (Lecrammo)
      Moderated by Acung, Ale, and Gibran


    • Ride to VeloPoster #01 | 21 January
      07:00 – 11:00
      Meeting Point at House of The Rising Sun
      Hosted by Bike to Fez
      DJ Performance by Gibranos & Ottid (House of The Rising Sun)


    • RabooRaboo | 24 January
      Meeting Point at Tuku Blok M
      Hosted by Bike to Ngonten, Biji Kebas, Cry on Bike, & Mbois


    • Ride to VeloPoster #02 | 28 January
      07:00 – 09:00
      Meeting Point at Pelataran Blok M Plaza
      Hosted by Bike to Fez
      DJ Performance by Joew (BBSS)


    • Cycling Through the Lens | 3 February
      Talks with Panji Indra (Cyclist Portrait), Karfianda (Fixietas), and Feno
      Moderated by Bhube
      DJ Performance by Komzta (Cry on Bike)


    • Ride to VeloPoster #03 | 4 February
      07:00 – 12:00
      Meeting Point at Brookland Coffee
      Hosted by Bike to Fez. Moderated by Ari Dagienkz
      DJ Performance by Kumyka (Ride de Pastry)


    • Ride to VeloPoster #04 | 11 February
      07:00 – 12:00
      Meeting Point at House of The Rising Sun
      Talks with David Karto & Dagienkz (Synchronize Festival) and Dalu & Fiqri (Bike to Fez)
      Hosted by Bike to Fez. Moderated by Awan .Feast
      DJ Performance by Ratta Bill & Awan .Feast

    SPAC8, UG

    A road to ArtMoments 2024 program “Renewal” through collector’s collection exhibition. “CollectorsMoment: Seasons of Life” is more than just an exhibition—it’s a profound journey through three key seasons.


    Corridor, GF

    A market providing things that elevate the New Year spirit.

    Featuring: BloomAire, Carl & Claire, De Antoine, Geparlys, LebahBiru, BNS Hype, Velo Poster


    Level up your optimism by joining a series of sports activities every weekend:
    • Trampoline Dance with Morf Wellness
    • Yoga Class with Breathe Studio
    • Ride to VeloPoster with House of The Rising Sun
    • Essentials, Endorphins, Refinery, Resistance Classes with LEVEL Gym Indonesia

Other Programs