Embrace The Newness

Embrace The Newness

From: 11 Nov 2020
to: 02 Dec 2020
  • Embrace the newness 11.11.2020

    Ashta is a new retail concept from ASRI ‘A Subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Group’ with world-class architecture and vast interior space to provide your lifestyle located in SCBD, Jakarta. We collaborate with brands and communities to offer a new different experience.

  • Bring the newness to the heart of Jakarta’s CBD, we have exciting tenants coming to serve you.

    FLIX Cinema

    A new movie experience coming to the South! FLIX Cinema brings a chic design, comfort seat complete with charging socket, and a lot of food and beverage choices! You won’t believe that they also have Indomie Goreng Popcorn- a mix between their signature popcorn and a bit taste of Indomie goreng’s seasoning, can you imagine? we’d say it’s a perfect snack indeed.


    The Gourmet by Ranch Market

    Offers a different concept for your daily needs, Ranch Market create The Gourmet. A premium grocery store that only sells fresh and high-quality products from fruits, meats, and vegetables. They also have a high attention of detail for their interior as we both believe grocery shopping needs a comfortable space. Prepare your list and find them at (floor).


    Level Gym

    Level gym established in 2014 as a world-class personal training studio. They focus on providing top-notch functional fitness training and education, wellness practices, and rehabilitation services. They’re coming to Jakarta to accompany you and your journey. Let’s take it to the next level


    Maison Kitsune

    The most awaited brand finally landed in Jakarta! Proudly announce that we’ll have Maison Kitsune near Garden Lobby where you can buy chic outfits or chill around with your buddies at Café Kitsune. Imagine having a cup of coffee from South America’s coffee beans that are roasted with the utmost care. In the middle of a rapidly expanding city, we think you deserve a break.


    % Arabica

    Kenneth Soji, % Arabica Founder once said that he truly needs an amazing cup of coffee every day, that is why he founded % Arabica. It’s a long journey for them to create one of the best coffee in the world. Started from a coffee farm in Hawaii, trading green beans from around the world and became the sole exporter of Japanese roasting machine along with the distributor of one of the best espresso machines in the world. Now, they come closer to you and offer you to see the world through Coffee


    Bukanagara Coffee

    You might know Bukanagara for their coffee, let us tell you that Bukanagara isn’t just a coffee. They have a vision and mission; serving their beverages using raw ingredients, do not contain flavorings, colorings, preservatives, or emulsifier. Still, they offer an amazing taste for whatever-your-order-is.



    Annyeong! No.1 Korean Oven Roasted Chicken, Goobne, ready to serve you. For you who love sweet Korean Galbi sauce, try their Goobne Galbi – roasted chickens with original Korean Galbi sauce with a hint of sweet taste. But if you’re more into spicy, try their Goobne Mala – roasted chickens with the authentic flavor of Sichuan Mala. Choose your meals and book your seat.


    And many more.

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