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Exhibition & Workshop

Exhibition & Workshop

From: 11 Nov 2020
to: 03 Jan 2021
  • Exhibition and Workshop collaboration between Ashta with established and emerging artists

    Workshops and exhibitions are one of the things that many people have been waiting for. Especially if you can found a unique and rarely things. Ashta is here as a new place in South Jakarta presents a wide selection of interesting activities to increase your creativity or just for your personal hobby.

    And now, we collaborate with established and emerging artists such as Onx Studio, Museum of Toys, Jakarta Doodles Art, Ichinogami, etc to create art workshops every week.

    Check our Instagram @ashtadistrict8 for schedule

  • Ashta x Onx Studio

    The Wall of Art – Created by 6 eshtablished Indonesian Artists such as:

  • Ashta x Museum of Toys

    Museum of Toys houses a great collection of designer toys from top local and international toy designers. The museum features the personal collection of Win Satrya, gathered over the course of 15 years. See how the artists breathe their own artistic styles and influence into toys. Discover how the street culture of hip-hop and skateboarding, surreal creations, street art and comic are blend into toys. It is art, as you have never seen before. Experience it for yourself and be inspired.

    You can register Ashta x MOT here.

  • This is one of the collaborative workshops with Museum of Toys that has been done with PIK Avenue, one of our ASRI project.

  • Ashta x Jakflo

    Jakflo or Jakarta Flower Workshop was founded by Sara Destariansyah in 2005 as a flower arrangement training center. As an experienced florist, sara has a desire to become an floristry educator to help students with the same passion to become professional florists. Floristakan skills in Indonesia alone can help women to become independent person and earn a living without having to leave their obligations as housewives.

    You can register Ashta x Jakflo here.

  • Ashta x Doodle Art Indonesia

    Doodle Art Indonesia is a forum for doodle art lovers in Indonesia to work, express themselves and build self-confidence. Doodle art itself is an image in the form of abstract, unfocused, and created spontaneously. Doodle art has many types including: fantasy, floral, patterns, animation and graffiti.

    You can register Ashta x Doodle Art Indonesia here.

  • Ashta x Ichinogami

    Papercraft is a 3-dimensional development art of Origami. The designs are made by special papercraft designers. Papercraft has various functions, for example practicing creativity, developing fine motor skills, and affordable home activities. This activities have varying levels of difficulty. Papercraft can be used as a collection of high art works.

    Collaborate with Ichinogami and “Peri Kertas” Community. Our goal is to increase curiosity about papercraft, especially for the younger generation in Indonesia.

    You can register Ashta x Ichinogami here.

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